A Chore for Everyday

A Chore for Everyday

Friday, May 11, 2012

Recollection of Sethia's first month

Week 39 Day 3

 "To give life to another always means coming to the end of yourself." - 8 March 2011

 As I recollected my first month with Sethia last year, I was stirred up to feel small & vulnerable all over again. May GOD help this little Mama once again, as He did so faithfully.


 Nothing has brought me to my knees in prayers every morning like this journey of motherhood. Lord, grant me grace for today. Amen. (28 March)

 Never felt more motherly than when Sethia refuses to sleep anywhere but in my arms [with the help of sling thankfully]. :) (27 March)

 I have had my ideals of being a mother; it's humbling to know that I am far from my ideals. And it takes another step to be content about it. (25 March)

Sethia: "When I cry, dear Lord, be near me." As you grow stronger, Sethia, Mama will too. (17 March) I am losing patience and joy of motherhood. Please pray for me... (15 March)

"This breaking down of my mood and my ability to cope is not all lost and pointless. In my fragility I am tasting the world that is my baby’s. Laying in my arms a tiny gift of helplessness, God lets me feel helplessness myself. As my baby is ripening, my heart is softening. ... The busy, chipper polish is ground down to a tender place, a place where I will have empathy and compassion on a little one who will also struggle with clothes and cry, so small, not even in control of the universe enough to change a milk-soaked T-shirt. As you get stronger, my baby, I will too; we are together." Mrs. Parunak, http://pursuingtitus2.com/2011/02/22/salt-water/(8 March)

 Rely only on His grace. (5 March)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 39: Head, shoulders, knees - and toes!

Week 39

 "Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes;
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,
and eyes and ears and mouth and nose;
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!"

 "Necessity is the mother of invention. When you have a second child, you might be in a situation where you are the only one who manages both children daily. Sometimes the older child will wait, sometimes the baby will. Other times, you will learn to tend to the needs of both simultaneously. These times you will find your arms and shoulders extended, or your head has grown another eye on its back, or your feet have extra toes for gripping things."

I hope so. ;)

"With prayer to God - that He will let this awaited daughter drink the air of this physical world, and also drink the spirit of the invisible world, the coming Kingdom of Christ." - E.F.

"Sing to the tune "London Bridge":
Head and shoulders
Knees and toes (3x)
Head and shoulders
Knees and toes
All from/for Jesus!" - E.C