A Chore for Everyday

A Chore for Everyday

Monday, June 10, 2013

SODD meetings

 Another Sunday has been here and gone. How was your Lord's Day, my friends? May you who love the Lord find delight and peace in one another's presence, face to face.

Adi told me he missed the "Sodd meetings". For a moment I was puzzled, "Sodd meetings?" "Sodd meetings, whereby we would have Sodd and share God's Words." Oh, I missed them so, too.

But it is only for a while that we part, for this thought soothes our pain, that we shall still be joined in heart, and hope to meet again.

Come over for a sort of British meal. Baked potatoes with butter and grated cheddar, thick pork sausages, watercress spinach ruccula peashoots & cherry tomatoes for salad. Olive oil is essensial.

We await you in Plymouth!