A Chore for Everyday

A Chore for Everyday

Friday, April 12, 2013

Congratulations, Adi: Our Desires and God's Will

"God bless your time as you all now are busier with the new addition. May God provide the desires of your hearts regarding what's going to happen after Adi's sponsorship is over. Praying with you. Take care." - m

"I have been getting updates and was hoping that you and family will settle down here. God's will is the best." - eu

"... Of course, personally, we also have our desires that you can come back to Singapore to labour in PCC together. But we must also submit ourselves to His higher will. ... because God's will is the best." - ss

" ... our God Almighty is good, and He leads us gently into the place that He wants to be, in His time." - hj


Singapore, 16 Feb
Dear Pastor,

I have just arrived in Singapore today. Sorry for my delay in replying, as I did not have good internet access while in Indonesia.

Singapore, 19 Feb
Dear Pastor,

Thank you for remembering us. Today was the interview with the search committee, meeting with the Dean and Head of Dept. I hope they went well. Tomorrow afternoon will be the seminar [in NUS]. In the morning I am visiting NTU."

25 Feb
Dear Pastor,

I arrived safely in Trondheim on Thursday afternoon. On Wednesday evening, while waiting for my flight at the airport, I had a telephone interview with Plymouth University. On Friday, I had another telephone interview with the University of Manchester. Both are for research positions on wave energy.

Now both of them have decided to offer me the positions. I have promised one of them to give an answer today. I have yet to know the outcomes of my applications to NUS and NTU. I am inclined to accept either one of the offers by the British universities; then I will start working in April/May.

As you have lived in the UK for some time, I would like to seek your advice on the two places, in terms of church and family life, and other aspects which should be taken into consideration.

I would be grateful for your advice.


13 March
Dear Pastor,

I have decided to accept the offer from Plymouth University. I am still waiting for the formal documents to arrive in the mails, which will allow us to apply for visas, etc.

Our initial plan was for me to go to Indonesia by the expiry date of our current permits, that is, 15 March, and come back here in April for my defence, with a visitor's visa. But then in the final week of February I found that one cannot come back to Schengen area with a visitor's visa at least 3 months after leaving the area. Finally we decided that Grace and the children should come back here before our current permits expire on 15 March. So last week I made a quick trip to Indonesia to pick up Grace and the children.

8 April
Dear Pastor,

Thank you for your message.

After my last update, I fell sick, and then also the whole family. It was a few days of fever and weakness, with bad cough and sore throat. Thank God that we are all well again now.

At the end of March we had to move to a new apartment, because our initial plan had us rent the previous apartment only until March. The university apartments are all fully booked until November, while people usually do not rent out apartments for only a month. So we thank God for His provision just at the right time. We have also extended our permits to stay in Norway until the end of this month.

Because of our illness, we had to delay applying our visas to UK, which requires us to travel to Oslo. Only last week we had our applications sent. We are now waiting for the outcome. It may take about 2 weeks to process.

I am required to start working in Plymouth from May. God willing, we will move to the UK by the end of this month.

Please pray with us as we make all the necessary preparation, and for my defence, which is yet to take place on 23 April.